RPAS Accidentology

A lot of people that are using drones don’t have an aviation background and so just simply don’t realize there are rules that they have to respect to keep everyone safe.

Our GEMINI SURVEYS RPAS Accidentology division is able to offer assistance to insurers in case of accidents implicating the use of RPAS above the Belgian territory.

Such matters are investigated in order to collect all relevant circumstances at the origin of the accident.

Our findings will be useful for underwriters and company claims handlers involved with RPAS insurances and third-party liability policies in order to have a clear factual overview of the incident scene in such cases.

Our consultants have a wide experience in the operation of Remotely Piloted Autonomous Systems (RPAS) including perfect knowledge of the Belgian applicable regulations.

To keep it simple, any flying machine or remotely operated in the air is considered by law as an aircraft.

Remotely Piloted Aircrafts Systems (RPAS) commonly named “drones” are included in this definition.

Before take-off, the pilot/ operator should always have a perfect knowledge on applicable regulations and follow some basic safety rules.

These rules differ from country to country but typically include similar proscriptions, restrictions or requirements such as:

-The requirement to fly your drone below a certain altitude.

-The requirement to remain at a minimum distance from people, animals or congested areas.

The requirement to maintain visual contact with your drone at all times.

The requirement to register your drone and being insurance covered.


The interdiction to fly in vicinity of special zones as such as cities, airports, stadiums, stations etc.)

The interdiction to fly in or approach prohibited areas, controlled airspaces or active restricted zones.

The interdiction to fly at night or during non-optimal weather conditions.

The interdiction to interfere with other aircraft, especially at low altitude.

The interdiction to Tow banners or such.

The interdiction to Drop objects or liquids.

When crashing, a drone can cause substantial damages to people or properties.

Drones crashing on the neighborhood cars or bodily injured children, being permanently impaired, by a drone propeller are potential real-life examples of incidents that can occurs.  See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeviAWB0i4Y

This division made of specialized consultants is enable to understand and to carry out drone-related accident/incident investigations based on local regulations providing a report including circumstances of incident and possible causes.

The search for evidences and safety recommendation can also being integrate on request.

Gemini Surveys belong member of the Advisory Board program Co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union to facilitate understanding of the legal environment and constraints in relation with the operation of light RPAS in Europe.

This program distribute trustable and updated information that are accessible on the internet site :


In case of remaining doubt related to legal aspect of a flight above Belgian territory, please contact the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) following below link:

Belgian Ministry of Transport or Belgian RPAS association

Or download following document bellow:


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